Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Are You Afraid to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Don't Be Afraid of Virtual Assistants!!!
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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lead Management Goes Virtual

Today there is not a need for an agent to spend hours hovering over a computer waiting for a lead from one of many websites to come flying in. What? That is not what you are reading in every trade magazine and hearing at every seminar. Every top coach, speaker or real estate guru stresses the importance of acknowledging a lead the second it hits your inbox. Not only do they want you to do that, but they want you to do this with a personal touch. Boy! What a tall order. When will you have time to do your other job? Remember your other job? Listing and selling homes? Isn't it time to let someone else sit in front of a computer and handle those endless leads?

Of course! That is where a virtual assistant can step in and answer those emails in a timely manner and with that personal touch those gurus love to see! Most email programs can forward specific emails to your virtual assistant as soon as they come in and eliminate the need for you to have to handle them at all. Many of the top lead generating system will also allow you to cc your assistant as well. Don't continue to be tied to your desk under mountains of leads. Let your VA handle this task!