Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go Viral With This New Social Media Listing Tool

Advertising your listings just got easier and best of all it is FREE!   We all know that social media is “the place to be” and is making it easy to advertise your listings in a consistent and professional manner.   As a bonus your sellers, your friends, your family, even your kids can advertise your listings!  Watch your new listings go “viral” as everyone shares your listing.

Let me show you how easy this is.  Using your CRM system email your new listing information to your database.  Be sure to include your url.  You can find this URL on your listing page near the bottom of the listing information, above the map.

Ask your database members to share the listing with their Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn friends.  At the top of the listing page, on the right, is a “share” button.  Click this button.

The dropdown box lists all of the social media venues available to the user.  Follow the prompts and the listing will be shared on their social media pages. They have the opportunity to add comments before the listing is posted.  This is a great place for posting how wonderful the property is or how great their listing agent is! (If they want to share the listings on more than one type of social media they will have to do each one individually.)

Be sure to tell them to have their family and friends to do this as well! The more people that “share” your listings the more exposure their home is getting on the “world wide web”!   With more than 400 million people on Facebook alone think of the marketing power you have!  Best of all – it is FREE!

BTW- Don't forget to "share" your own listings on your own social media pages as well!

Jeri Winkler, The Secret Assistant, has been working in real estate since 1996. Her expertise includes listing coordination, including advertising. Does your advertising need a boost? Contact Jeri today.