Monday, February 22, 2010

Do People Know What You Are REALLY Advertising?

If you lived in a foreign country, couldn’t understand the language and saw an ad on TV should you be able to immediately recognize what product is being sold? Of course! Well, that isn’t always so.  View this current commercial running every 5 minutes on my local cable TV I don’t have a clue what they are selling!  After doing a bit of research I found that it might be a loan company’s TV ad. Crazy, huh?

Are you guilty of advertising your services this way too?  Do you want your “audience” (ie-prospects) to remember the cute house, the catchy verbiage or YOU?  When it comes right down to it are you marketing the same house over and over or are you marketing your services?  Do your ads contain a lot of info about the houses you have available? Of course!  But, are you “selling” yourself short in the process of keeping your clients happy in your marketing efforts?  After all they hired YOU to sell their house, won’t the next client be looking for an agent as well, not a pretty house? 

I know there are arguments for and against the concept I’m talking about.  If what you are doing is working then stop reading this article and get back to work.  If you are not getting any results from your marketing efforts then it is time for a change.  How?  When? How much will it cost to change?  Good questions.  I’ll address these questions in upcoming articles.  In the meantime dissect your marketing.  Do you know exactly what works?  Do you know how it works?  Knowing the answers to these questions goes a long way in understanding why your marketing doesn’t work.

Until next time…