Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mutiny Against Lackluster Agents!

Yesterday in what promised to be a wonderful trip, full of great sightseeing and new experiences, I found myself right in the middle of a huge sales pitch. I've been disappointed in tours before but this was different. I didn't see this coming. It wasn't the experience that myself or the others on the tour were expecting, or mentally prepared for. The tour director's words were so well rehearsed that he couldn't answer small non-tour related questions. He appeared to be more like a robot than a human. Needless to say I was disappointed with the tour and the entire day turned sour. The beautiful surroundings dulled and the things we were brought to see became no more than a commercial trap for foreigners.

This morning in my reflection over the day I brought this back to first-time home buyer's searching for their dream-home. 

  • How many agents are working toward a commission and not assisting the buyer?
  • How many agents are going through the motions of showing homes, completely void of emotions and compassion for the buyers?
  • How many agents really care whether or not the buyer finds a home that meets the needs of the buyer?

My husband and I have bought several homes as the military has moved us around the country. When we have the misfortune to cross paths with a "robot" agent we quickly severe all ties and move on to another agent that will really meet our needs. But I wonder how many buyers know that they don't have to stay with that terrible agent?

Yesterday as I was forced to continue through my tour with the "robot" tour guide I daydreamed of what would happened if the bus full of people said "no" and refused to continue the tour? It would not have made a big impact, not even a small ripple in the sea of tour agents in this small country. But what if unhappy buyers across the USA stopped working with the lackluster, non-caring agents in their communities? Think of the ripple effect!!! 

As the internet continues to educate buyers the agents without the personal touch will fall by the wayside.  Don't get caught standing in the road as your buyers toss you aside!

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