Saturday, November 05, 2011

Do You Have Time to Lose an Hour This Weekend?

It's that time of year....time to set the clock back an hour because it is Daylight Saving Time again.  If you don't remember to reset your clocks you'll be lose a precious hour all day long on Sunday.  Before you go to bed tonight change your clocks so that you won't be late all day tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

YAY! It's Tax Day....Seriously?

By now you’ve probably completed your tax return and have it ready to mail. Your tax return can force you to take a look at the big picture.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself today:
  •  Are you happy with your net income from last year? 
  • Does your net income make you wonder why you worked so hard for so little?
  • What was your total employee payroll tax for the year?
  • Do you wonder where all of the office supplies are that you had to expense out?
If the answers to the above questions make you think twice about your business practices then let me help you!

Did you know when working with a virtual assistant you DO NOT PAY for insurance, employee taxes, worker’s compensation fees, social security and medicare tax, federal unemployment tax, work-related training, office supplies, plus more.  Because virtual assistants work as independent contractors you can deduct the amount you pay them if over $600 for the year.  It can add up to a substantial savings for you! Details  can be found in the IRS Business Expenses publication .

The bottom line – work smarter not harder in 2011.  Contact me today and find out how to go back to selling real estate and quit paying unnecessary taxes.

Jeri Winkler, The Secret Assistant, has been working in real estate since 1996. Do you need assistance in becoming the success you know you can be or help maintaining your current success? Contact Jeri today.