Thursday, June 28, 2012

Showings Are Heating Up

In most areas of the country the heat is on, temperatures are soaring and showing property is a sizzling task on some days.  What can you do to make viewing home a more comfortable activity? 

  • If you can, roll your car windows down a bit to allow the heat to escape before leaving the office.
  • Carry a small cooler in your car with bottles of water. Stay away from juice and tea to avoid staining clothes, the car and carpets.
  • Map out the properties so that you spend the least amount of time as possible in the car.
  • Try to avoid looking at a large number of properties in one day.
  • Leave the car windows open a bit when you are looking at a home.
  • If you enter a home that is not air conditioned and the client doesn't like it then move on to the next property.  You will work up quite a sweat touring a home that is definitely a "no."
  • If you are looking at a property with a very large yard then schedule that showing early morning or late afternoon.  Your clients will want to see the entire property and all of you will be hot, sticky and tired before you are done. The property will not show well during the heat so it could potentially be a waste of your time too.
  • Dress for the heat.  Although we want to look professional a full business suit isn't practical if the thermometer is near 100.  Today's fashions offer many suitable looks for working in the heat.
Showing properties in the summer heat doesn't have to be a daunting task.  Approach it smartly and work with your clients during cooler times of the day to create successful closings.  Use the time during the heat of the day to update your database, contact a few prospects and catch up on emails.  It is also a great time to send work to your assistant to keep you on top of your game.  If you need help contact me and I will keep you on track not matter what the weather is like.

Jeri Winkler, The Secret Assistant, has been working in real estate since 1996. Do you need assistance in becoming the success you know you can be or help maintaining your current success? Contact Jeri today.