Thursday, March 04, 2010


Are you a patron of the fine arts? Do you rush to every new gallery opening and every new art exhibit? Even if you answered “no” to both of these questions you may be very familiar with abstract art. Many artists have painted in this style and Picasso is probably the first artist that you think of when thinking of abstract artists.

If you are like me you have to squint at times to try to see what is really in the picture, or to try to figure out what the painter wanted you to see. What do you see in this painting?

Although this isn’t the work of Picasso you will recognize it as abstract art.  As a real estate agent are you surrounding yourself with abstract art on a weekly basis?  Are you commissioning your own works of art each week?  NOAre you sure?  

Are you guilty of advertising in the abstract style?  Do your ads look like this?  

WHEW!  There is a lot of “stuff” on this page!!  How many people will actually take the time to look at this entire ad?  If you “squint” at this ad what do you see?  Nothing special, do you?  What is this ad really trying to accomplish?  In my opinion - too much! There is just too much on this page, making it too confusing. Our eyes just won't focus on something so busy so our brain is told to "turn the page."

Let’s look at a much “cleaner” ad.



I don’t know this agent.  I don’t work for her and didn’t create this advertisement but I believe it is brilliant!

Everyone knows that real estate agents sell homes so this agent didn’t crowd this ad with dozens of tiny photos and descriptions.  Instead she knows that intelligent people seek an agent first and she has created an ad with her identity first and foremost. She is asking prospects to call her for her expertise, not because of the white house in the 3rd row on her ad.  By running this ad everywhere, on a consistent basis then she gains the trust of her target market (highly intelligent people) by her overall appearance that she is the expert.

This has been proven in market after market.  Agents sell homes, not ads.  What are you really selling in your ads?  Do you know?  Are people squinting to read your ads or just turning the page?

Jeri Winkler, The Secret Assistant, has been working in real estate since 1996. Her expertise includes listing coordination, including advertising. Does your advertising need a boost? Contact Jeri today.

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